One day talking I told my mum that I wanted to go to a party. Her answer was why? Everyone there is gay, she told me. I thought that I could ask myself why I was looking to join that group, and that is because with a group of friends one seeks affinity. I felt comfortable with them and that was very difficult for her to listen to. My mother is from Zacapa, a place with many prejudices and very ignorant about the whole gay situation, it is a dangerous place with a lot of crime and firearms, it is more or less the Wild West of Guatemala.


My mum is an academic person and that's why for me it was difficult that I could not accept it. There have been very uncomfortable moments, my brother also asked me not to say anything about it in front of his friends.

In general, I had a fairly traditional education, I played the piano and went to gymnastics, but it was never something that interested me very much, I loved football. I played at school in Florida and also in Mexico at university, that was always the part where they did not invest much, it was difficult but I never let them tell me what I could and could not do, not even my parents, I think that makes a difference, between people that do not affect them and those who decide to duck their heads.


My grandfather was from that area similar to the wild west too, with very closed mentalities, although he was a very open and liberated person. They told me that once I left someone who wanted to gossip about my sexuality, it was a mixture of people who were very liberated and others a bit repressed.


My dad is quite open, my mum does not comment or ask anything about my love life, although she gets along very well with my girlfriend, with whom we have been together since I was 16. She was in New York for many years and I lived in other places but now we are finally together in Guatemala.


I think Guatemala is opening up although I may not be the best person to answer you this question. Well, I do not usually register negative comments, I'm not interested. The gay scene is very decadent and it's not the kind of scene I want to be a part of, it feels like they're hiding. I would love to be part of a scene that I could feel identified with.


People can be very aggressive, there are people who are killed in traffic by honking, that makes people afraid, it's as if the country is depressed, I do not know, it's just how I sometimes feel about it.