I knew I was gay when my parents sat me down when I was 10 years old and told me that it was okay if guys liked guys and if girls liked girls. They said that it was okay if girls dressed like boys and boys dressed like girls. When they told me this I was a little frustrated at the time because I knew I was more feminine and sensitive than my other class mates. I realised that maybe I liked boys. By the time I was 15 years old I knew I was gay and told my parents. 


Both of my parents are 40 years old so I feel they are very open and a lot more liberal than my aunts and uncles who do not have this mentality. They always judged my parents for the upbringing they have chosen to give us. My mum is anglican and my father is atheist. 


In middle school and junior high i studied at an all boys school. I was openly gay in high school and I didn’t like to be there because other students would judge me. they always tried to treat me like a girl. I told my parents i didn’t want to attend there anymore because I was very sad. 


The gay community in Guatemala City is weird to me, If you don’t follow the same ideas and ideology you don’t belong with them. I believe there is a gay community but I don’t feel I fit in. Im studying political science in college and when I share my political perspective they believe it is weird because i am gay! They are segregating themselves and not allowing other ideas to come in. If we are going to rise up and speak our truths, other points of view need to be heard. 


Currently there is a law that the government is trying to pass to ban sexual education in schools. The government are denying the education of preventing harmful diseases like HIV and STD. They believe parents should tell you how to have safe sex and to look after yourself. I think thats very fucked up.


I don’t think Guatemala will progress anytime soon. its a small country with a lot of conservative ideas. I don’t believe change is coming unless the whole population speaks for themselves and doesn’t fear taboo subjects. This is the only way to become free in this country.