I came out of the closet when I was 18 years old. My first kiss was given to a friend from school when I was 13. We fell in love. I did not understand what was happening, we were just loving each other. I realised that I liked women, I did not question myself very much about that. For me it was normal, not like I was doing something wrong.


After a while the rumours became stronger and I could not take it anymore. One night my mum called me and told me she needed to talk to me.

I walked into her room and sat on the edge of her bed.

She asked me if I was a lesbian. I thought it was the perfect time to tell the truth, I answered yes ... And she answered "What did I do wrong?" I did the best I could. I answered "it's just the way I am".


My brothers were very understanding. When I came out to my parents, the next day I was walking through the streets holding the hand of my girlfriend, because I did not care what other people thought, I only cared what my mother said. My mother always told me that she was very proud of me always being honest.


I am open minded and that is difficult here in Guatemala. I enjoy making people feel uncomfortable and take them out of their comfort zone.

I have been the victim of homophobic acts. Once I remember walking in a mall with my girlfriend, when a guard came up to us and told us to stop walking like this or we’ll be kicked out of the mall. On another occasion, in college, I made an exhibition about families and brought up homosexual families, I was studying psychology and my teacher told me, "no, that's horrible" and I told the whole class "I am gay and I want to have children"

She said "God does not accept homosexual families"

I want people to know, just because I like girls, that does not make me a bad person.


I am very happy to be a lesbian, if I were to be born again, I would ask to be a lesbian again. It does not matter if I like chocolate or vanilla ice cream, it's my choice, I'll always choose to eat my favourite. I love being free and I will always fight for that. No matter what you like, what matters is that you have good values.


I do not like to relate to homophobic people, and I believe that each one attracts their tribe and I have honestly met wonderful people with whom I can be myself. Homophobic acts, religion that promotes fear, you just have to see the government, they put the bible in front of the laws.

I would like to feel in Guatemala as I felt at Pride in Madrid, Spain. I really felt free, because even heterosexual people feel free there, you can be anything you want, a butterfly, a unicorn, it does not matter. I am a lesbian, make your opinion.