I knew that I was gay at the age of 19, it was a very difficult experience for me to tell my parents and how they were going to react, I felt very happy with myself for being able to show them that we are all equal and I think that there should be no discrimination.


The reaction of my parents, especially my mother's who is a person I admire, was very hard news for her. It was a night at dinner and it was there when I said the truth. My mother was in a state of astonishment, she did not expect it and she started to cry. She told me what she was proud of me for telling her the truth and not hiding from it. 


One day my dad came home and asked me if I was dating someone of my own sex. I said yes, it was not too painful for him and he told me he was proud for having told him the truth. He was not going to kick me out of my house because a father always supports his children, he does not want to see the evil. 


LGBTI people in Guatemala face certain unscientific legal and social challenges, although Guatemalan LGBT citizens still suffer various forms of discrimination today. Chauvinistic, homophobic and transphobic attitudes are still deeply rooted in society.


So there is no legal recognition of same-sex couples in the form of marriage or civil union, Guatemala is a country with a lack of freedom of expression, gender equality. It is unfortunate that people from the LGBT community do not have the support of the government to legalise marriage in same-sex couples.


In the future I see Guatemala very badly, it is a country full of corruption and with people without moral values ​​that discriminate against people who are gay, it is a very big problem in Guatemala